“Poker” WALK FOR FITNESS held in conjunction with Walk the Dragon

Sixty-five (65) MSUM employees participated in the “Poker” Walk for Fitness Thursday, April 26.  Amanda Larson, Academic Support Center & Janet Quinn, Bookstore, tied for 1st prize (MSUM Sweatshirts) with Five of a kind: 6’s; Jenny Jensen, Library, claimed 2nd prize (MSUM T-shirt) with 5 of a kind  – 5’s; and Jeff Stedje, claimed 3rd prize (MSUM Coffee Mug) with at Straight Flush.

See photo of winners.

Other hands submitted included: 3 –  Four of a kind hands; 14 – Full house hands; 3 – Flush hands; 6 – Straight hands;  1 – Three of a kind hand; 20 – Two pair hands; 10 – One pair hands; and the remainder were high card hands.

Door Prizes, donated by the Bookstore, Alumni, Athletics, Student Union & the President’s Office were won by the following individuals: Ashley Atteberry, Jean Kramer, KC Clark, Joel Beseler Thompson, Terry Peterson, Karen Lester, Gloria Sheldon, Jessica Las, Sherry Estrem, Valerie Ritland, Larry Scott, Susan Jones, Jerry Nygard and Ashley Heng.

Thanks to the participating departments and all “Poker” walk participants for making this a successful walk.

If you have comments/suggestions on the “Poker” Walk for Fitness, ideas on how to get more MSUM employees involved and/or to volunteer your department as a stop site, please call Deb in Human Resources at 2158, or email her at lewisd@mnstate.edu.