As has been true the past two years, individual books containing the abstracts, presentation schedules, etc. will not be available at the conference. We encourage you to look over the information you need on the SAC website before you come. Posters with presentation information, organized by time and organized by department, will be posted in the CMU. If you have questions, please come to the registration table.

Everything you need for the conference is at including:
Schedule of the day
Schedule of presentations (searchable and sortable by name, title, keyword, department, time, room, format or advisor)
Volunteer schedule
Archived searchable pdfs of past conferences (still a little rough, but there)
Information on the keynote speaker (Ryan Sylvester) and panelists from each college
Preview Guide (deeper background on featured presenters and the keynote speaker)
Complete abstract listings, by department

Copies of the VIP book. While not economically feasible for the SAC to print the VIP book for every presenter, advisor, and audience member, departments or individuals who wish to purchase a keepsake copy of the preview guide and/or the complete abstract listing may do so through Copy2Print by filling out this form (about $12.50 total cost for both).

Finally, students value feedback from professors in their own discipline. Even if you have not volunteered to work at the SAC, please try to make it to the conference at some point during the day and attend a few presentations/visit a few posters. Formal feedback forms are available at the registration desk (which students seem to value more highly than casual interactions).