Faculty, Staff and Retiree Giving Program

Campus Campaign is the annual campaign for faculty, staff, and retirees to give back to MSUM. This campaign is “All About the Students.” Your gift provides students with much needed scholarships and program support. Your packet of information is being delivered, so look for yours to arrive soon! When you receive your packet, please take a few moments to look through the material. I draw your attention to the testimonials from students benefiting from your gifts. Every gift helps student succeed. Please consider a gift to the Campus Campaign this year, and support our students.

We all know that tuition continues to rise, and students are shouldering more of the expense. Your gift helps ensure that more scholarship dollars will be there for students so that they can concentrate on why they are here – to be students and to excel in their academics. By supporting the Campus Campaign, you are letting students know that we are here for them and support them as they achieve their educational goals.

The goal of the 2012 Campus Campaign is $150,000, but more importantly we are hoping for 100% participation. If you have never participated in the campaign, try giving just a dollar or two, the cost of a single cup of coffee, each pay period and see how easy it is. Every gift matters and together we can accomplish great things for our students!

The Campus Campaign website is full of information for you to review. Go to mnstate.edu/alumni and use the menu on the left to find the Faculty, Staff and Retiree Giving Program under the Guide to Giving. Here you will find everything you will need to support the Campus Campaign! You will also be able to find a complete list of funds that you can donate to, sorted by department.

The packet of information you will be receiving includes your current payroll deduction and/or recent giving history. Your complete giving history is available online at donate.mnstate.edu. Login or register (wait 24-48 hours for approval) and select “My Giving History” from the menu on the left.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Anna Miller at 218.477.2556 or Anna.Miller@mnstate.edu.

Look for a brand new Campus Campaign coming in 2013-14!