MSUM Physics/Astronomy Seminar Series Presents

Creating a Helmholtz Coil and Quantifying the Magnetic Field Along the Central Axis
Presented by: Pragalv Karki
Minnesota State University Moorhead

Friday, December 7, 2012
3-3:50 p,m,
325 Hagen Hall

Helmholtz coils are used extensively in all the fields of physical sciences. The main purpose of a Helmholtz coil is to create a uniform magnetic field around the midpoint of two coils of the same radius separated by the same length as their radius. This presentation will discuss the fundamental concept behind a Helmholtz coil and how it can be created. The mathematical equation describing the Helmholtz coil will be derived from the Biot-Savart law. The use of Hall-Effect probe in measuring the resulting magnetic field will be discussed in detail. A method to measure the permeability of space using the Helmholtz coil will be discussed as well.