A new novel by John Early, English, is available from Amazon for the Kindle reader. The Little Lame Balloon Men tells the story of “Two men and a woman struggling with the consequences of silence. Emsland, a chemist and a teacher, has lost his wife, and too many of the words in his world no longer make sense. He responds with a murderous rampage, his weapon of choice a chemical, air-borne poison. Gene is a cop who believes that silence is a manly show of strength, and he is slowly going insane. He spends so much time checking his emotions and holding his fraying home life together that he has little left for his job. And Dolores, Emsland’s colleague, has been silent so long that no one pays attention to her. She searches for a way to save her friend and to alter a world she has long found repressive.

Sanity depends on speech, and without it chaos, violence and stupidity reign. How to avoid such tragedy? In this violent tale, one of these memorable characters finds an answer, two do not.”

Price is $2.99. The novel can be read on iPads by downloading the free Kindle app.