MSUM associate art professor Brad Bachmeier began his tenure as Chair of The Arts Partnership (TAP) this summer. TAP has just launched a public art project in cooperation with the City of Fargo, the Fargo Public Schools and the Fargo Park District. MSUM art student, Catie Miller served as the education liaison for the project which is entitled W4Walking, Waiting, Wondering Words.

Citizens of Fargo are encouraged to submit written words, musings, philosophies, ponderings and poetry for consideration to be stamped permanently in the sidewalks of the city through the website. The submissions will appear on the site and may be chosen to be printed into one or more sidewalk squares around town as they are replaced yet this summer and fall. Click on “Words” to go right to the upload section of the site, but take a moment to look around the site to read about the 4W’s and how this public art project is intended to engage citizens of all ages and become an on-going and growing annual project. We’d love to know what you appreciate about the places you walk, wait and wonder in our community. Hurry to submit as the deadline is September 10.