Every year students begin the process of becoming a student organization. However, one requirement of becoming a recognized student organization is having an MSUM faculty or staff advisor. Sometimes it is difficult for students to find a faculty or staff member who is willing to make that commitment. Therefore, the Office of Student Activities would like to find any faculty or staff members who are interested in becoming a student organization advisor. The OSA would keep your name and contact information on file to give to student organizations who cannot find an advisor.

The importance of an organizational advisor should not be overlooked. Advisors, through their knowledge and expertise, can be invaluable resources for student organizations. Advice, direction, and guidance are extremely important. The role of an advisor varies from group to group depending upon the organization’s needs and the agreed upon expectations. The relationship of the advisor to the group will vary, not only with each organization, but also from time to time within a group. Organizations rarely become successful without the active involvement of an advisor.

There are several rewards associated with being an advisor to a student organization. You have the opportunity to:

•            Observe the development of students

•            Receive recognition by the institution, the organization, and students for a job well done

•            Serve as a reference for a student

•            Serve as a mentor for students

•            Observe fads, culture, and changes in student life

•            Teach, lead, and coach students

•            Form networks with colleagues involved as advisors in similar organizations

•            Serve the institution

•            Participate in an organization whose purpose you enjoy

If you are interested in becoming a student organization advisor, please contact JoDee Anderson at 218.477.2120 or at jodee.anderson@mnstate.edu.