Faculty & Staff: If you haven’t already done so, please remember to enter your “on-line” tuition waiver request for Fall semester 2009 prior to leaving for the summer. To avoid difficulties, including the possibility of being dropped from class registration if payment and/or other arrangements have not been made, the tuition waiver for you and/or your spouse or dependent(s)should be made as soon as possible after Fall registration is completed. Please contact the Business Office for Fall Semester 2009 payment information/deadlines.Login Information

If you are a user of  Eservices or the Work Order Request System, you will use the same user ID (Dragon ID/Tech ID) and pin number to gain access to the Tuition Waiver system. If you don’t know your user ID and pin number, please contact the HR office (2157) for that information.



Submitting tuition waiver requests using the new system is very simple. Just follow these steps:

1.  Log in using the link/web address, user ID and pin number described above.

2.  Create and submit your tuition waiver request(s).

· Go back into the Tuition Waiver application to check the status of your waiver request prior to the beginning of the semester to see if the waiver has been approved by HR. 

·   Students  should check their on-line bill information to make sure the tuition waiver gets processed in a timely manner.

Information (including a Quick Reference Guide) on HR Web Page

All on-line tuition waiver system information is posted on the MSUM HR web site, including a quick reference guide, which will give you just enough information to use the system without overwhelming you with details.  http://www.mnstate.edu/humanres/forms/index.shtml


Please contact Deb in Human Resources (2158) if you have problems or questions with the tuition waiver system.