STAR Symposium

Friday, Feb. 28 | 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. | Conference Guide The award-winning STAR (Scholarship, Teaching, Academics, Recognition) Symposium celebrates excellence in teaching and learning by providing an avenue for individuals to share best practices, ideas, and resources with colleagues. This free virtual one-day conference includes presentations that focus on pedagogical approaches including delivery via face-to-face, blended, flipped and […]

Kupferman presents at STAR Symposium

David Kupferman, School of Teaching and Learning, gave a presentation titled “Détournement: Getting Students to Think about ‘High’ Theory Using Kitsch and Low Theory” on February 8 at the STAR Symposium. Dr. Kupferman’s presentation focused on the method of détournement, a form of refashioning objects and themes in the social imaginary, often in the form of kitsch, to other ends, […]

Drs. LaLonde, Sadikovic present at STAR Symposium

Dr. Courtney LaLonde and Dr. Belma Sadikovic recently presented a session titled Creating Collaborative Learning Communities in Asynchronous Courses at the STAR Symposium. Drs. LaLonde and Sadikovic shared their framework for fostering collaboration and active learning in online asynchronous courses. Through systematic planning that focuses on faculty-faculty, faculty-student, and student-student interaction, they described key elements of synchronous instruction that they […]

Drs. Julie Swaggert and Lisa Karch present at the 2018 virtual STAR Symposium

Dr. Julie Swaggert, Educational Leadership graduate program coordinator and professor, and Dr. Lisa Karch, Director of Graduate Studies and Counseling & Student Affairs professor, presented at the 2018 virtual STAR Symposium last Friday, Feb. 9. The title of their presentation was, “Engaging Students via Twitter Chats.” The STAR (Scholarship, Teaching, Academics and Recognition) Symposium is an annual virtual conference to […]

STAR Symposium: Call for Proposals Closes Soon

There’s still time to submit a proposal to present at the STAR Symposium. This is a state-wide conference focused on teaching and learning best practices. The all-day conference is completely virtual—attend and present from your home or campus office. Call for proposals is open until November 21. All presenters will receive training related to effective web-based presentation.