D2L Tip: Copying D2L materials from one course to another

Need a reminder on how to copy content from your development (or previously taught) course into this semester’s course shell? The Start-of-Semester D2L Checklist includes a link to written directions for copying course materials as well as other useful tips and links: http://www.mnstate.edu/uploadedFiles/Level_2/Content/Instructional_Technology_Services/Desire2Learn/SemesterStartChecklist.pdf

Instructors: Complete your Start of Semester Tasks in D2L

Refer to the following checklist for helpful tips for completing your start of semester preparations for your online, hybrid, and tech-enhanced courses in Desire2Learn: mnstate.edu/uploadedFiles/Level_2/Content/Instructional_Technology_Services/Desire2Learn/SemesterStartChecklist.pdf If you have questions, please contact Instructional Technology Services by e-mail at support@mnstate.edu or phone 218.477.2603.

D2L: Tip – Changing course access for students

By default, D2L courses are set to open at 12:00 a.m. the first day of the semester. For spring 2014, D2L courses open the morning of Jan. 13. If you want to allow students earlier access to your course so they may review the syllabus and other course information, you can change the course start date. From within your course […]

D2L instructors can extend end date of course

Need to keep your D2L course open a little longer? Most D2L courses are set to close on the last day of finals. Follow the instructions here to change the end date of your course if you need to allow students extended access to your course. Contact Instructional Technology with questions via e-mail support@mnstate.edu or call 218.477.2603.