Campus Iguana Has New Name

….. And the Winner is – Rosalind Franklin. When the polls closed at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 4, the ballots were counted (with four witnesses) and the winner was Rosalind Franklin. Feel free to stop by between finals or before summer break to say “Hello Rosalind!”

Help Name the New MSUM Iguana

It was a sad day when Curie the resident MSUM Green iguana passed away. But, don’t fear, a kind family near Detroit Lakes contacted the MSUM Biosciences Department to donate their 3-year-old Green iguana. If you have passed by recently might have caught a glimpse of her chilling out on the branches or eating some raspberries.

Taking care of Curie

Harrison Pantera, a junior at MSU Moorhead, has a real dedication to school, and it doesn’t just pertain to his studies. Everyday Pantera sets time aside to take care of Curie, an eight-year-old iguana that lives in the Science Lab on campus. For a year and a half Pantera hasn’t had a day off from his duties of feeding, changing […]

Name the Bioscience department iguana

The Biosciences Department needs your help. For the past year we have had a new Iguana, but he does not have a name yet. He has been called many names by different people passing by, but officially he is nameless. We need your help to provide him with a permanent name! There is a poster next to his home in […]

Nico, the iguana, dies

Nico, the Biosciences Department iguana, has passed away. Some facts about Nico: He was acquired in the spring of 2001 at the age of about 5 years. He was donated to the university by a member of the community who could no longer care for a quickly growing lizard. He suffered from a mild case of metabolic bone disease when first acquired, but he was nursed back to health by some very caring student workers. He was the latest in a line of resident iguanas that goes back about 30 years. The Biosciences iguana has always been a favorite stop for campus tour groups, preschool groups, and members of the community. He was about 14 years old when he passed, which is quite old for an iguana. He suffered from no obvious health issues, and died peacefully in his sleep. Click headline for a picture.