MSUM changes its COVID reporting practice

Originally emailed to campus June 13, 2022

Effective immediately, students and employees are no longer required to complete a COVID-19 Reporting Form. This transitions MSUM from an organizational mitigation effort to a personal mitigation practice. The following guidance will help you decide how to protect yourself and others from COVID.

  • Need assistance? Contact the Dean of Students Office via the Ask for Help link.  
  • Have COVID questions? Visit the CDC website for protection, exposure and testing protocols.  

Living: Students living on campus who have tested positive for COVID and have a roommate should make arrangements to isolate outside of their residence hall room by coordinating with family or friends. Students who need on-campus isolation housing should contact the Dean of Students Office via the Ask for Help link. Students who need to quarantine may do so in their residence hall rooms, regardless of if they have a roommate.  

Learning: Summer and fall classes will continue as planned with no changes expected to future delivery modes. Students should work with their faculty for COVID-related absence, and follow the Student Absence Policy. The policy indicates that long-term (more than 1-2 days) absences from the class due to medical/personal situations are required to be approved through the Dean of Students Office. Contact the Dean of Students Office via the Ask for Help link.  

Working: Employees and student employees who work on campus should report absence due to illness, including COVID, to their supervisor and follow appropriate sick leave or telework protocols.  

Gathering: There are no restrictions for on-campus events or gatherings.  MSUM is excited to host more in-person events!  

Masking: MSUM does not require masking on campus. Anyone is welcome to wear a mask, and the Dragon family supports all who choose to do so.  

Athletes:  Student athletes should follow procedures from the Athletics Department.  

Please continue to follow general COVID mitigation efforts and protect yourself, especially if you are at high risk due to health or related conditions. MSUM continues communicating with the Minnesota Department of Health and local public health officials and monitors community transmission levels.  We will communicate any required changes as they become available.