MSUM Faculty and Staff Recognized by Minnesota State Board of Trustees Awards

Congratulations to all of the faculty and staff that were recognized by the Minnesota State Board of Trustees. There will be a virtual ceremony hosted by Minnesota State to celebrate all the 2022 recipients on Wednesday, April 20 from 12-1 p.m.

Outstanding Educators 2022
Dr. Boyd Bradbury:  A true innovator, Dr. Bradbury developed the first stand-alone doctoral program in the history of Minnesota State and expanded accessibility through fully online graduate programs, among other milestones. 

Dr. Tonya Jo Hansen: With a rare ability to guide, advise, and mentor students in ways that help them achieve their goals, Dr. Hansen excels at connecting with students and adapts her teaching to meet student needs. 

Dr. Jitendra Singh: Known for his productivity, dedication to student success, and unfailing positive attitude, Dr. Singh constantly creates new content and uses a wide set of teaching tools to reach traditional and non-traditional students.  

Outstanding Service Faculty 2022
Julia Roland: Roland works closely with staff and faculty to provide a better experience for first-year students, whether that involves infusing new technology, helping transform curriculum and services, or advancing equity and inclusion. 

If you see any of the recognized faculty and staff around campus be sure to congratulate them! You can learn more about other recognized faculty and staff across the MinnState system here: