Consider applying to be the next Honors & Center for Engaged Learning Director

We are seeking to fill a faculty position as the Honors and Center for Engaged Learning Director next academic year. This position has been two separate positions and has been filled on an interim basis. We are returning to combining the positions into one and offering as 1.0 FTE.

Below and attached are the details. The faculty will serve for three years from Fall 2022 to Spring 2026.

If you would like to be considered for this position, please send your CV to Robert Nava, Ph.D. (he/him/his), Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dean of Graduate Studies by May 6, 2022.

3-year appointment, 1.0 FTE, 18 EDDs. Reports to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

The HCEL office serves a uniquely gifted student population at MSUM. As such, The HCEL Director will be a champion for honor students and seek services for students that promotes graduation and preparation for postgraduate education. The HCEL office also is responsible for facilitating experiential learning and engagement between students, faculty, and our community.

Strategy #1. Provide.
The CEL will collaborate with stakeholders including students, faculty, staff, alumni, our campus and local community, and our professional organizations to provide materials and analyses
Strategy #2 Promote. The CEL will facilitate opportunities for our stakeholders that promote the values and diversity of local and global citizenship.
Strategy #3 Partner. The CEL will engage with stakeholders to create and sustain mutually beneficial partnerships.

60% Honors
Instruction & Curriculum 1.     Instructions:

    • Honors 200 Colloquium (Fall, 3 credits);
    • Hon102 Encounters (Fall and Spring, 2 credits);
    Hon 496 Capstone (Spring, 3 credits)
2.     Work on strategic, long-range planning to ensure adequate honors course offerings including developing new courses, cross-listed courses, etc.
3.     Develop honors lecture series highlighting collaboration with Tri College Honors and the Fargo-Moorhead community

& Retention

4.     Work with admissions on successful program recruitment including participation in Preview Days, SOARs etc.
5.     Develop program and requirements for transfer and upper-class students.
6.     Work with the alumni foundation to develop and award honors scholarship opportunities and alumni communications.
7.     Develop and plan honors community activities including a fall social, spring banquet and annual trip.
8.     Interact with regional and national honors organizations to facilitate faculty and student participation at honors conferences.
9.     Identify, track, and support honors students at MSUM through graduation.
10.  Work with the Grant Office to identify funding that promotes honors students’ success
Assessment 11.  Plan and conduct honors program assessment including developing assessment instruments and program SLOs.
40% Center for Engaged Learning

Recruiting, & Promoting

12.  Promote, publicize, and coordinate activities related to community engagement, faculty mentored research,and honors education including a clearinghouse of activities related to these opportunities
13. Coordinate activities of the Community Engaged Advisory Board and the Lab Crawl
Campus Partnerships 13.  Lead a campus-wide committee and collaboration focused on coordinated, intentional community partnerships and engagement across divisions.

14.  Coordinate with appropriate offices and programs including Scholars Apprentice Program, Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, Career Development Center, Academic Support Center, Student Life and Student Life Pathways, Residence Life and Learning Communities, First Year Programs, Athletics and Faculty Development Center.

15.  Connect to campus, regional and national organizations to ensure that MSUM is utilizing best practices for Community Engagements.


Supervisor 17.  Serve as direct supervisor for graduate student assistants
Committees 18.  Serve as representative to relevant university committees where possible including Student Academic Conference committee, Student Life Pathways, Institutional Review Board, Scholarship Awarding Committee
Assessment 19.  Create and carry out campus wide and community-based assessments of the CEL offices and activities