Spring 2022 APC Completion

There is positive news regarding the week 10 academic progress checks and overall progress toward the APC completion scholarship incentive for spring 2022. We, once again, had an excellent completion rate at week 10, with 89.4% of requested progress checks completed university-wide! I have included details below about both week 5 and week 10 progress check completion for each college and the overall university. This spring, over 28,000 progress checks were completed and the university achieved an outstanding overall completion percentage of 90% (matching our Fall average completion rate)! Three colleges, CBAC, CEHS, and CSHE, achieved a total completion rate of 90% or higher, earning $1500 in scholarships for their students.

College Week 5
Week 5 %
Week 10
Week 10 %
Total %
Arts & Humanities 2237/2985 74.9% 2030/2872 70.7% 4267/5857 72.9%
Business, Analytics & Communication 4428/4574 96.8% 4119/4422 93.1% 8547/8996 95.0%
Education & Human Services 3725/3737 97.7% 3196/3534 90.4% 6921/7271 95.2%
Science, Health & the Environment 4016/4640 86.6% 4332/4484 96.6% 8348/9124 91.5%
University College 167/167 100% 121/121 100% 288/288 100%
Total 14573/16103 90.5% 13798/15433 89.4% 28371/31536 90.0%

Note: the number requested/completed in this table is reflective of the number of individual grades/updates requested of faculty. For example, if a faculty member is teaching a course with 40 students and completes those progress checks, that 40 is reflected in both the requested and completed numbers in this table.

The ongoing commitment of our faculty to provide these updates continues to support holistic review of each individual student to identify where outreach, support, and resources are needed in order to assist students in successfully completing the semester. That outreach began today. Many thanks to all for the effort and partnership in providing this support!

You can stay up-to-date with more recruitment and retention efforts on the Enrollment Goals & Projects website.