The Comstock Memorial Union will be undergoing a roofing project starting Monday, April 26. We anticipate project completion before the start of the fall semester. You will see the following upcoming changes:

  • Starting Wednesday, April 21, the street and driveway parking on the north side of the CMU along 6th Avenue South will start to change in preparation for the CMU Roofing project. You will start to see no parking signs along the street from the CMU northeast entrance to the driveway of the M5 parking lot.
  • The parking spots in the northwest entrance driveway will become 15-minute parking spots to help facilitate deliveries, Affinity Plus ATM access, and pickup and drop off for Jefferson Bus line.
  • The Jefferson Bus line will start picking up at the northwest driveway location starting Monday, April 26.
  • The sidewalk along the north side of the CMU along 6th Avenue South will close. Pedestrians walking will be directed to crosswalks to access the sidewalk on the north side of 6th Avenue during the project.
  • The northeast entrance to the CMU will be closed during the project. Students, staff and patrons will be asked to use any of the other major entrances to the building.


Braden Kuznia