Winter weather is here again and the return of snow and ice increases the risk of slip and fall injuries. The University will work to ensure sidewalks and building entrances are accessible. Please report any slippery conditions to Public Safety (218-477-2449) so the area can be addressed.
However, this effort alone is not enough to prevent all injuries. As members of the campus community, each of us has personal responsibility in the following ways:

• Wear footwear that is designed for snow, ice and water conditions when outdoors.
• Park where snow removal has already taken place.
• Use designated walkways. When possible, choose to walk on cleared paths, even when it requires you to travel a greater distance (e.g. cross a street at a designated crosswalk where snow has been removed rather than stepping over snow banks).
• Actively look where you are placing each step when walking and choose to avoid distractions such as reading, texting or talking on cell phones.
• Use indoor and outdoor hand railings.
• Stomp your feet to shake off any excess snow when entering buildings.

It is our sincere hope that adopting these practices will lead to an injury-free winter. Unfortunately, accidents will still happen.

• In the event of a medical emergency, call 911.
• Employees who experience an injury need to report the incident to their supervisor.
• If non-employees (students, guests, vendors, etc.) are injured on the University’s premises, the incident needs to be reported to Public Safety (218-477-2449).
• It is the responsibility of any state employee who witnesses an incident to ensure it is properly reported.

Please do your part to ensure the campus community has a safe winter.