Are You an Aspiring Activist?

Hello! My name is Jordan Witherill (she/her) and I am a junior at MSUM. I am majoring in Sustainability and am minoring in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Biology, and Geographic Information Science. I am avidly involved on campus from serving as the chair on the Student Senate Sustainability Committee to being the president of the Sustainable Student’s Association. I am also a student activist!

Jess Mueller (left) and Jordan Witherill (right) at the March for Climate Justice held September 25 in the Fargo/Moorhead area.

I have been to my fair share of marches, rallies, and other types of advocacy events. Most recently I have attended the Black Lives Matter march and the March for Climate Justice this past month. These types of events are events that bring people together from all types of diversity and backgrounds, all believing in one main purpose. The March for Climate Justice that occurred on September 25th was nothing short of that. We marched to Fargo City Hall, the Forum Building, Senator Hoeven’s office, and Moorhead City Hall where we advocated for our cities to declare a Climate Emergency – it was the best event I attended in September!

Participants of the March for Climate Justice gathered outside of Senator John Hoeven’s downtown Fargo office.

Being a part of events such as these have been very eye-opening and growth oriented for me not only as a person but as a student. I first got involved in activism work because of my strong values and passion that I hold for different global issues, but the beauty of it is that anyone can do it! You may not know where to start and it may seem very overwhelming at first, but it is astonishingly easy to get involved. I would suggest finding an issue you are interested in or want to learn more about and check out events that are scheduled in an area near you.

Nico Arias, MSUM’s 2020-21 student body president, holds up his sign outside of Fargo City Hall.

There are many events that occur in and around the F/M area if you do a simple search for them (Facebook events is a really helpful place to start!). Not only can you attend rallies and marches but there are speaker events and other educational opportunities you can attend to educate yourself and get more involved in advocacy!