Neuroscience minor, journal club now offered at MSUM

New Minor

We’re proud to announce the brand new neuroscience minor available at MSUM for the first time this fall! Neuroscience is the multidisciplinary study of the brain and nervous system, and the minor is the product of a joint collaboration between the Psychology and Biosciences Departments. The minor is designed for students who would like to enter the booming career field of neuroscience or one of its overlapping industries like psychology, biology, biochemistry, medicine, and related healthcare fields. Download the Minor Checklist and contact Dr. Duncan (Psychology) or Dr. Stocker (Biosciences) with any questions.

Journal Club

Dr. Duncan and Dr. Stocker meet with students and anyone interested to discuss neuroscience journal articles. All levels invited, no membership required! Our next paper covers the effects of sleep deprivation on emotion regulation and details for the meeting are listed below. Download the article and join us for discussion, or contact us with any questions

• Journal Club: Tuesday 9/29, 4 p.m.
Download article
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• (Meeting ID: 929 3361 1168)

FREE VIRTUAL MIDBRAINS CONFERENCE: Next month Dr. Stocker and Dr. Duncan will be attending the virtual MidBrains undergrad conference and we would love to bring some students along! Attending a conference is a great experience. It’s a safe place to share ideas and become inspired by others’ projects. Plus, attending conferences is a great way to learn, spark curiosity, network, and start building your resume.
Many undergraduates in many majors are encouraged to present at conferences before graduating, so attending one is a great way to gain experience and learn what to expect. Plus we will be there to guide you through your 1st conference!!! If interested, attend our virtual Conference Planning Meeting:
• Midbrains Planning Meeting: Wednesday 9/23, 4pm
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• (Meeting ID: 347 244 7438)
• Register for free virtual conference ahead of time: