MSUM students behind the scenes: Writing Support Center

Clay Jackson

The University Writing Support Center (UWSC) is one of the many resources on campus that has gone virtual with many excellent student tutors who are happy to help other students from the comfort of their homes.

Head tutor and communication arts and literature education student Clay Jackson has tutored in the Center for five semesters.

“We help students with any writing assignment at any level. Our goal is to help students gain the skills needed to be proficient at writing and to gain the confidence needed to use those skills without hesitation,” Jackson said.

Jackson’s position on campus is preparing him for life after graduation.

“I am in school to be a high school language arts teacher, so the things I do at the Writing Center are helping to prepare for my career after college. From learning how to lead the UWSC to understanding the nitty-gritty details of MLA formatting, everything I do here has a purpose that goes beyond its impact on me and my career,” Jackson said.

Students needing writing assistance can schedule appointments online, and virtual walk-ins are an option if tutors have no scheduled meetings.

Once you make an appointment, everything is online. The UWSC is using a built-in live document editor with a chat room available for questions and concerns. Schedule an appointment at

The University Writing Support Center has one supervisor with nine student tutors.