Welcome to the all-new MSUMDragons.com! This site is designed for Dragons fans, sorted by data, and heavily influenced with how most of the world consumes content…social media.

Where do you start when you renovate a website…PURPOSE & DATA.

The purpose of MSUMDragons.com is to provide our amazing content to our amazing fans. Once we made that decision, we needed to understand how our fans use the site. Turn to the data and you can see that over 70% of all traffic to the site comes from mobile devices. So that where we started designing and created a fully responsive site that adapts to any device you’ve got. We saw that people tap on sports the most, so we took two taps down to one by creating a quick-access sports navigation bar. #2 most visited part of the site is schedules which will be the first thing you will see on every format of the site. #3 most visited was content like videos, photos, and more…so where do most people consume photos and videos…SOCIAL MEDIA!

Because content delivery is central to our purpose of MSUMDragons.com, we began researching how many different organizations deliver content. Of course we researched the best pro team sites, college sites, and sports media sites, but you can’t even think about content delivery without a massive look into social media. You’ll notice an Instagram-inspired sports bar atop the site to make your favorite teams one tap away. Also, a Snapchat or Facebook Stories style card layout for a new photos section. And we put tons of time and effort into our Giphy channel, which you will notice has it’s own section on every sport’s page.

Every section has an ALL button so if you want more news, videos, photos, podcasts, gifs, and sponsors…it’s one tap away. No more hunting for events or press releases. Mobile SPORTS navigation has so much more packed into a little space so you can more quickly get to exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to your favorite Dragons programs. There’s several other new features throughout the site, so go explore and check it out! I sincerely hope you like it and welcome any feedback to msumdragons@mnstate.edu.

“The MSUM Dragons have been a longstanding part of the SIDEARM Family,” said Jeff Rubin, Founder and CEO of SIDEARM Sports. “We are constantly striving to innovate and improve. Our team, along with the incredible team at MSU Moorhead athletics, has designed an exceptional new experience for Dragon fans everywhere.”

Special thanks have to go out to the wonderful folks at our longtime website partner Sidearm Sports and Learfield. They took every idea we had to the next level and literally made everything happen with the site. Also, special thanks for feedback and help from Tom Berg, Alex Nelson, Athletics Administration & Coaches, GO! TEAM staff, and COMM 382 for input.