Theatre student McKenna Togstad has been passionate about Broadway theatre since she was 11 years. Now, the MSUM senior and economics major is sharing that passion through her research.

Who knew there would be a way to connect economic impact and Broadway theatre? Well, McKenna’s research of ‘Tony Awards’ Impact on Gross Revenues and Survival Rates of Broadway Shows’ does just that.

“I enjoyed going back and learning about shows I’ve never heard about before. The farthest back I go [in the research] was 2009, and I was just starting my interest in Broadway when I was 11. Going back and coming across weird shows and reading their synopsis was quite interesting,” McKenna said.

McKenna was selected to present her research at the Eastern Economic Association Conference in Boston. “It was months worth of work wrapped up into 12 minutes,” McKenna said. She also couldn’t help but sneak in a show during her free time.

McKenna has dedicated a significant amount of time to her research. She has attended 44 shows throughout her lifetime, including The Phantom of the Opera 14 times. She also attended several Broadway performances while she was studying in New Jersey through the National Student Exchange Program.

McKenna’s passion for theatre will continue after graduation as she hopes to work in the theatre or entertainment industry.

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