Student leadership applications end on January 31st, but you still have time to get your resume together! There’s a leadership position for every interest out there, so we know you could find the perfect fit. Here’s why you would be the PERFECT student leader:

You love MSUM

This one’s easy, right? If you love being a dragon and your excitement is contagious, then being a student leader is perfect for you! Every position needs some spirit behind it. Some might require you to be a little more outgoing, and others might have you at a desk posting on social media.

Meeting new people gets you excited

Some positions, like being a Student Orientation Counselor or Dragon Ambassador, will have you being the first face prospective students/ freshmen see when they come to campus. If meeting new people gets you energized, then apply to be a student leader and put on your game face (in this case, a smile).

You have humility, grit, and heart

Do you have big goals? Are you a great team member? Do you enjoy helping others? If you answered yes to all three of those, then you take MSUM’s core values to heart. And, by now, you know what that means: You’d make the perfect student leader.

You can rock the color red

If red is a good color for you (which it is, of course) then apply to be a student leader! As a student leader, red something will be a constant in your wardrobe. If red isn’t your favorite color now, it will be by the time you graduate.

You’re up for anything

Whether it be a challenge or an adventure, you’re ready to face it. There might be difficult parts to being a student leader, but you’re excited to take them on and turn them into something positive.

For a list of positions, click here. To apply, visit Handshake. We can’t wait to see your application.