Are you a student (of ANY sort) at MSUM? Are you staff or faculty or an administrator at MSUM? Do you like Christmas music? If you can answer “Yes” to 2 of those questions, then have we got a thing for YOU!

You can play Christmas music via the Naxos Online Music Library by (1) navigating on over to; (2) selecting Naxos; (3) typing “christmas” in the search box in the upper right-hand corner; (4) and then selecting from among the more than 2500 items therein. The link provided here will also let you listen to this stuff _in the privacy of your own residence_ (if you catch our drift).

If you don’t like Christmas music, fear not: Naxos has nearly 2.3 _million_ tracks available and there’s bound to be something in there that will please nearly everybody. Yes, even you, the one in the corner cubicle on the 2nd floor.

The Naxos Online Music Library is made available to the campus community through funds provided by the MSUM Music Department.