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6 Study Tips for Finals

6 Study Tips for Finals

Nothing like coming back from break in full force for finals. It’s the final stretch, so get the most out of this week and next before the final surge hits you. This week, we’ll give you some tips on making sure you ace those tests, reports, and presentations.

Space out your learning

It may be tempting to cram the night before the test, but science shows it’s best to memorize over a period of time. For example, instead of memorizing an entire textbook passage in one sitting, read it paragraph by paragraph day by day and you’ll have better luck when it comes test time.

Switch up your topics

When you start to feel your brain hurting after studying the same topic for hours at a time, switch to another subject to keep things fresh. Chances are, you have multiple classes to do homework for, so do some of the easier stuff when you need a break from the homework that is a little less desirable.

Write, write, write!

This doesn’t just go for those who are writing papers. Grab a physical pen and paper and write out information you’re trying to memorize. Plus, it might be helpful to improve your handwriting!

Take a break

Now this step is easy. Take a moment to compose yourself when you feel stressed from the workload. Do whatever makes you feel better, but won’t distract you for long: Meditate, grab a bite or drink, and take a walk. You’ll come back feeling fresher and ready to tackle your homework.

Keep your workspace distraction free

We know it’s difficult to keep yourself from glancing at your phone when it lights up with a notification. The best way to study though is to get in the zone, and you can’t do that when you’re busy checking your phone! Avoid distractions by putting your phone on airplane mode, closing windows on your laptop that might distract you, and turning off your TV. Of course, you can play music if that helps, but try to keep everything that can distract you to a minimum. 

Check out the resources on campus

There are multiple places you can go on campus for help. Need a quiet place to study? Check out the library! Need someone to look over your paper? Go get someone from the University Writing Support Center. Need help with studying? Check out the Academic Support Center! They have tutors and can help you work on your homework. Lastly, if you are struggling to grasp a topic in your class, email your professor and ask for help. Professors are there to help you learn, so make sure you’re taking advantage of that.

Good luck on your final projects, papers, and tests Dragons!