“Every person who speaks up changes more hearts and minds, and creates new advocates for equality.” – Human Rights Campaign (HRC)

For 31 years, HRC has celebrated the LGBTQ+ for their bravery of coming out during Coming Out Week. They first observed Coming Out Day (October 11th) to remind people of the LGBTQ+ community of their most powerful tool: coming out. The HRC website stresses the importance of sharing stories because those stories leave behind a great impact that causes more people to advocate for equality.

SPECTRUM and The Rainbow Dragon Center will be celebrating the LGBTQ+ community with events all throughout the week for Coming Out Week. 

Come to the events this week to connect with the LGBTQ+ community and to hear their stories. All are welcome!

Tuesday, October 8th

SPECTRUM meeting, 7-8 pm (Rainbow Dragon Center, BR 150) – Find community at MSUM’s LGBTQ+ student organization by meeting members and learning about the organization. SPECTRUM is open to all students, whether they identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community or are allies. SPECTRUM is a group that plans events on campus with the purpose of promoting awareness in the campus community. To learn more about this organization, go to their meeting or look them up on DragonCentral!

Wednesday, October 9th

“Two Spirits” Documentary, 4-6 pm (Rainbow Dragon Center, BR 150) – Join SPECTRUM and the American Indian Student Association as they watch a documentary about the Two Spirit Identity in Native American Cultures.

Lauren Faber, 7:30 pm (Gaede Stage) – Destress and enjoy a “woke” laugh with lesbian comedian Lauren Faber. According to her website, “She’s very excited to tell you terrible things.” Come check out her comedy routine!

Thursday, October 10th

Coming Out Stories, 6-8 pm, (Fox Recital Hall) – Come hear fellow members of the MSUM community share their coming out stories. They will share both the struggles and joys they experiences while on their journey to declaring their true selves.

Friday, October 11th

TGIF with SPECTRUM, 1-3 pm (Campus Mall near CA) – Get out and celebrate on Coming Out Day by decorating the campus with colorful chalk creations. Learn how to tie dye a sweet design to take home!

To learn more or RSVP to the events, check out DragonCentral.