Personal property registration for students and employees

Public Safety is offering a new personal property registration site for all students and employees of MSUM. The new site (ReportIt) is a citizen property inventory system and allows you to securely store serial numbers, item descriptions, pictures, and scans of receipts so that your items may be easily identified in the event of loss or theft. 

ReportIt is free and available to residents in jurisdictions that a company called “LeadsOnline” serves. Since several local law enforcement agencies in the Fargo/Moorhead area utilize “LeadsOnline” for other services, it makes this service available here on campus. MSUM Public Safety does not maintain the database and Public Safety and Law Enforcement do not have access to view your property or entries. This allows only the user to access the information stored, which then can be printed and provided to Public Safety, Law Enforcement or even your insurance provider if needed. 

To access this free database, you may find the link along with further information on the MSUM Public Safety website. The link can be found under the “Safety and Crime Prevention” tab and then Personal Property Registration. 

If you had registered personal property under the previous system, your information will remain stored at Public Safety and is still available for a period of time. We encourage you to add your property into this new system (ReportIt) as soon as possible. 

We hope this will help all students and employees to help document their items of value in the event of a loss or theft. Below is a link to Frequently Asked Questions about this program.