K-Nelson’s video installation on view in South Korea

Drawing – For the Body, By the Body is a show on view at the Cheonan Arts Center in Cheonan, South Korea, featuring the work of choreographer, dancer, and artist Young Sun Lee. The show includes a video installation called Soul/Soul, made as a collaboration between Young Sun Lee, Kyja Kristjansson-Nelson (MSUM’s School of Media Arts & Design), and composer and sound artist, Evelyn Ficarra. In addition to visual art by Young Sun, the opening also included live dance performance, as well as movement choreographed in tandem with the video installation.

For the video, Soul/Soul, K-Nelson began with footage of Young Sun’s choreography, studying moments of intersecting movement, through which the body evolves out of and/or dissolves into itself. K-Nelson then produced animation based on Young Sun’s choreography, and married it to the original video footage. The animation introduces an additional layer of “self,” posing as both friend and foe, moving into the shallows and depths of the soul, always in motion and always in flux. The video features a sound score by award-winning sound artist, Evelyn Ficarra. The Cheonan Arts Center will feature their work during the month of October.