Dr. Sue Humphers-Ginther, along with Dr. Phyllis Greenberg, Gerontology Graduate Program Director at St. Cloud State University, were recently named Co-Chairs of the Gerontology Educators Network, an initiative of the Minnesota Gerontological Society. MGS is professional membership organization composed of social service professionals, housing experts, health care providers, researchers, policy analysts, program administrators, educators, retirees, consultants, university students, and others who share a common interest in aging issues. Founded in 1976, the mission of MGS is to bridge research and practice in the field of aging, with an emphasis on developing and supporting tomorrow’s leaders. The Gerontology Educators Network has as its primary goal engaging students with MGS through several initiatives, including sharing of information and resources on gerontology education throughout Minnesota, compiling and disseminating aging-related internship and employment opportunities, and holding a careers in aging panel at the MGS annual conference.