Assistant Professor in the School of Art Carlos Rene Pacheco will be discussing his work exploring the landscape in the Upper-Midwest as part of a panel at this year’s Society of Photographic Education Northwest conference near Jackson, Wyoming.

Though differing in approach, the works of three lens-based artists: Anh-Thuy Nguyen, Carlos Rene Pacheco, and Jacinda Russell share a theme of loss, made visible through human interaction in the landscape. The panelists will lead the audiences though their visual journeys from the rural landscapes of the Upper Midwest, USA to the crowded cities in Viet Nam, to the glacial melt at Ilulissat Icefjord in Disko Bay, Greenland. We continually discuss global warming, while our legislators debate on policies to monitor human activities from deforestation, oil drilling, to movement of refugees, etc. Every second we are living, we are creating an impact. Using our visual work as a gateway, the panel discussion will invite dialogues for the audiences to reflect on and share thoughts of impact we have been producing in our daily life.