Your input is needed! The NextGen ERP project is underway and working teams are defining the future state for academic and student services and administrative business processes for human resources, finance and facilities. They are determining what steps could be eliminated, examining what activities currently done outside of ISRS could be brought in, and what types of value-adding functionality could be included in the new ERP system.

This work will lead to the next project step of detailing requirements for our technology solution; a solution that strives to provide an engaging student, faculty and staff experience. We’d like you to view the work to date, and ensure the following:

  • Did we capture all business processes supported by, or dependent upon, ISRS?
  • Did we capture the integrations, reports, or other local processes dependent upon ISRS?
  • Did we capture processes/functionality that we don’t have today that we should consider within our future student and administrative technology solution?

Minnesota State is providing three ways for you to participate and provide your feedback.

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