FDC director search: Apply to be the next director of the Faculty Development Center

Applications due on or before March 16

The current Director of Faculty Development’s term will be ending soon, so we are looking for a new individual to direct the center. Please consider this opportunity to help lead faculty development efforts at MSUM. The Faculty Development Center provides a wide array of programming and opportunities for faculty development. We look forward to continuing this tradition.

Application information, including a detailed position description, can be found in the attached document. The date of appointment is August 21, 2018. Here are a few additional helpful facts:

  • To help ease the transition to a new director, the incoming and outgoing directors have typically shared responsibility during the first academic year of the new director’s appointment. Under this transition plan, the incoming director would only need 3 credits of course release during Fall 2018 and only 6 credits of course release time during Spring 2019.
  • Funding has already been allocated in the Academic Affairs Budget in order to provide coverage for the teaching load of the individual who serves as the new Director.
  • More specific details about the duties and responsibilities for Director of Faculty Development are included in the attached document.
  • Feel free to contact either the current or the previous Director of Faculty Development if you have any additional questions about the position or to chat about what it is like to serve in this role:
  •  You are encouraged to have a conversation with your Dean if you have concerns about the impact that serving as Director of Faculty Development would have on your department.

Thank you for considering this opportunity!

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