Disability Resource Center to become Accessibility Resources

We are changing the name of our office from Disability Resource Center to Accessibility Resources. There is a national trend among disability services providers to shift from a medical model of disability to the social model of disability. The “medical” model looks at what is wrong with the individual whereas the “social” model looks at what is wrong with the environment that is making it difficult for all to participate. We prefer to look at disability as a human variation and another form of diversity rather than a deficit. Also, some of our students don’t want to be labeled as someone with a disability because of the negative stigma frequently associated with the term disabled. 

This national shift also adds focus to the concept of universally designed campuses and curricula resulting in more meaningful and full access for all. The name change has been discussed with and approved by the MSUM Universal Design of Learning and Digital Accessibility committee.

Over the summer months we will be working to change our forms to the new name, but this change will not impact our policies and procedures for accommodating students with disabilities.

We will work with IT to ensure students will be directed to our office if someone searches disability on our home page.

Thank you and please call should you have any specific questions or concerns.