97 Students Inducted into National Society of Leadership and Success

Ninety-seven MSUM students were a part of the first group to become fully inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success.

To become fully inducted members, students needed to complete all steps of the induction process. First students attended the society orientation and leadership training day. Throughout the semester student’s attended three speaker broadcasts where we learned valuable advice from LeAnn Toughey, Andy Cohen, and Dolvett Quince. Students then participated in three success networking teams where they identified personal goals and motivated each other to reach these goals. Students then were required to submit online reflections about their goals. 

Chapter Officers included:

  • President- Uchenna Onyeama
  • Vice President- Tony Santos
  • Secretary- Stefani Akhidenor
  • IT Coordinator- Madison Baker
  • Publicity Chair- Nuela Enebechi
  • Events Chair- Kelsey Slattery
  • Volunteer Coordinator- Brooklyn Garnett
  • SNT Coordinator- Ryder Eklie
  • Chapter Advisor- Hannah Severtson

More specific information regarding the society can be found at societyleadership.org

In July 2015 invites to join the society were mailed to all students who had earned 30-89 credits. 221 students joined the society and 97 became fully inducted members. Students who joined, but did not complete the necessary steps for induction can complete the steps during later semesters and become inducted prior to graduation. Another batch of invitations will be sent out to students in January.