Dr. Wooyang Kim, Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Paseka School of Business, received “Google i-10 High Citation-Impact Award” from the Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science (JGSMS), one of elite marketing journals (685 reads: Taylor & Francis, and 20 citations: Google). This achievement is honored in a contribution to extending and developing the discipline of consumer innovativeness. In addition, Dr. Kim with coauthors has invited to write a commentary essay to consumer innovativeness in JGSMS. 

According to the article “The seven sins of consumer psychology (Pham, 2013)” in Journal of Consumer Psychology, the majority (70 percent plus) articles in the elite marketing journals receive less than three citations, and few articles (less than 1 in 50 articles) receives ten or more citations.

Dr. Kim is an expert in the discipline of consumer innovativeness and has published several articles related to this topic in the leading marketing journals.

The article is available at the following link: Kim, Di Benedetto and Hunt (2012).