Homecoming Royalty Picture

All nominees for Homecoming Royalty go through an interview process. The interview panel consisted of MSUM students, faculty and staff who looked for students who are enthusiastic, poised, articulate, and interested in MSU Moorhead. The number of nominees were narrowed down to the following 10 finalists!

ASBWAaron Simmons

A Multimedia Journalism Major and described as a “cheerful chap”, Aaron enjoys participating in on-campus events (like Homecoming!) and showing off his Dragon Pride, and is one of your candidates for Homecoming King.

BSBWBailey Schumann

Double majoring in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences and Theatre, Bailey has been active on MSUM and in the community, articulating her dragon pride and brimming with positivity, serving as one of your candidates for Homecoming Queen.


KSBWKyle Sarpong

A member of the MSUM Pep Band and active in the CMU as a building manager and RHA, Kyle has a ton of Dragon Pride and always has a friendly smile and attitude, and is one of your candidates for Homecoming King.



MMBWMaycelle Miller

A Project Management major and minoring in Advertising, Macie is an active member of the MSUM campus, serving as a SOC and Dragon Ambassador as well as a member of the GO Team. Showing Dragon Pride on a daily basis, she is one of your Homecoming Queen candidates.


LZBWLouis Zurn

Majoring in Graphic Communication with a minor in (what else) Photography, Louis has been involved in Kappa Sigma and the Women’s Center and use his passion for his degree to take photographs of all of the campus events, being an ever-present part of the Dragon Pride here at MSUM. He is one of your Homecoming King candidates.


MCBWMorgan Clements

An Exercise Science Major with a minor in Health and Medicine, Morgan is also an ever-visible part of campus events, serving as a SOC and Dragon Ambassador, whose school spirit and Dragon Pride shine forward as she serves as one of your Homecoming Queen candidates this year.


NBBWNoah Butkowski

A Paralegal major, Noah is a highly active member of the campus community, serving in Kappa Sigma and working as a Building Manager in the CMU. Always positive and always helpful, Noah lets his actions show his commitment to Dragon Pride and MSUM, and is a Homecoming King candidate.


SDBWShayniah Dahle

A Film Production Major, Shay embodies the MSUM core values of grit, humility, and heart through her involvement as a SOC, a Cinethusiast member, and a CRU member. Actively involved on campus, she is one of your Homecoming Queen candidates.


WCBWWilliam Cafferata

A Political Science major, Will has been involved in Greek Life and many other parts of the campus, promoting hard work, philanthropy and Dragon Pride in all that he does. He is one of your Homecoming King candidates this year.



TPBWTyelyn Pearson

An Elementary Education major with a minor in Special Education, Tyelyn is very involved on campus, between Dragon Swim School, being a Dragon Ambassador and a SOC. Her Dragon Pride and commitment to MSUM is undeniable as she serves as one of your Homecoming Queen candidates this year.


The campus population can vote here from Monday, October 3rd through Friday, October 7th at noon for their chosen Homecoming King and Queen.


Please Note: Being chosen for Homecoming Court is an honor; it should not be viewed as a competition. For this reason, no advertising will be allowed except word of mouth. The Homecoming Planning Team on the Homecoming Facebook page, Homecoming website, via Student News and Dragon Digest, will advertise all finalists. If your group violates this policy, with or without the consent of your finalist(s), your finalist(s) will be disqualified.