Minnesota State Colleges and Universities has exceeded all five of the performance goals the legislature set during the 2015 session. Five percent of the system’s fiscal year 2017 appropriation was contingent on meeting three or more of the performance goals. As a result of this achievement, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities will not forfeit nearly $32 million in funds.

Chancellor Steven Rosenstone announced the achievement in his report to the Board of Trustees. In his remarks, Rosenstone said, “I am very pleased that we have met and exceeded each of the performance goals the legislature set for this biennium. I would like to thank our presidents, faculty, and staff across our colleges and universities for the dedication and hard work that made this tremendous accomplishment possible.”

The goals specified in the legislation and the actual performance were:

Increase the number of degrees, diplomas, and certificates conferred (FY2008 vs. FY2015):

        Performance goal:        4%

        Actual performance:     17%

Increase the related employment of graduates (2011 graduates vs. 2015 graduates):

        Performance goal:        5%

        Actual performance:     8%

Reallocate costs in FY2016:

        Performance goal:        $22 million

        Actual performance:     $38 million

Decrease headcount of students enrolled in developmental courses (FY2013 vs. FY2015):

        Performance goal:       10%

        Actual performance:     25.5%

Cumulative Credits at Graduation: Increase the degrees awarded to students who took no more than 128 credits for a baccalaureate degree and 68 credits for an associate degree (FY2011 vs. FY2015):

        Performance goal:       5%

        Actual performance:     23%