MSUM faculty members Rinita Dalan (Anthropology and Earth Science) and T. J. Hansen (Economics, Law & Politics) joined Curtis Atkinson II, Lead System Engineer of HERE-Fargo, to address the Pine to Prairie GIS Users Group on December 9, 2015 in Fergus Falls. The presentation, “Partnering with the MSUM Center for Geospatial Studies: History, Campus Map Initiative, and You,” introduced regional GIS users to the center’s unique partnership with industry mapping leader, HERE. As part of the Campus Map Initiative, student interns from MSUM employed by HERE developed a 3-D map of the MSUM campus. HERE has also created interior maps of campus buildings as part of the initial phase of an ongoing partnership between these organizations. Representatives of MSUM and HERE answered questions about the Campus Map Initiative and invited those in the Pine to Prairie GIS Users Group to partner with the Center for Geospatial Studies in the future.