The Office of Campus Sustainability is collecting old, junk car batteries to support fundraising for a new battery bank for their electric Chevy S-10. Known as ‘Tron’ the converted S-10 was donated to the department last year, and is powered by an electric motor and 24 deep cycle batteries. Your donated junk car batteries will be recycled and the funds will be used to offset the cost of replacing the old battery bank. There are two ways to donate:

1. On campus- batteries may be dropped off anytime at the Hagen Hall loading dock.  There is a yellow tub (secondary containment in case of leaks) where the batteries should be placed.

2. Free pickup- a student working with the EV project will pick up those old batteries from your home. Please call (605) 441-4962 to arrange for pickup.

Spring is here! Time to clean out the garage and donate those old batteries. The Office of Campus Sustainability thank you very much.