We would like to invite all faculty to participate as workshop leaders in the 36th Annual Expanding Your Horizons Conference for 7th-9th grade girls to be held on Saturday, April 25, 2015.  We would also really appreciate student volunteers to work with faculty for this event.  Participation in this conference looks GREAT on your résumé!  Also think about the impact a positive role model has had on your life and take the opportunity to pay that forward. Several male faculty participate every single year, and recruit female students to assist.

Area volunteers give their time to provide a day full of interactive, hands-on presentations that explore the fields of science, math, and engineering. Whether you are a researcher, executive, or professor, we are asking for help from area business and colleges to help us show young girls what careers are available to them. Even if your day-to-day responsibilities don’t directly involve math and science, that’s OK! Did you need to take the courses to pursue your career path?

Think about what you do in your classroom.  Is there something you could modify for a hands-on activity that could be done by a group of very enthusiastic 7th-9th grade girls?  We need people like you to lead hands-on workshops for these young girls.  With over 600 girls that apply to this program, we need as many presenters as we can get! In years past, we have had to turn girls away due to lack of presenters. We don’t want to do that this year! Become involved in a great mentoring opportunity for 7th-9th grade girls. You can view past years’ workshops by visiting http://www.eyh.ndsu.nodak.edu/

If you would like to volunteer, please complete the workshop form by November 30, 2014 at https://www.dce.ndsu.nodak.edu/eyhconference/ If you would like more information about volunteering, please contact Stacy Voeller at voeller@mnstate.edu