Students are asked to submit their poster three weeks prior to the Student Academic Conference to avoid the rush.
*March 24 is 3 weeks prior to April 14*

Posters can be printed at Marketing Graphics located in Weld Hall, Lower Level, Room 6 or emailed to:

Formats accepted: Powerpoint, PDF, jpg.

Downloadable template at:

Size: Make sure your size properties are the actual size you want the poster to be. If the poster needs to be resized at printing, it will take longer to be done and the graphics will most likely become “blocky” or hard to read. Most posters are 36″ x 56″. Maximum for Powerpoint posters is 41″ x 56″. Do not exceed 41″ on both sides, otherwise a more expensive printer will have to be used.”

Check with the department you are presenting for. They may pay the poster costs for you. If so, make sure you get the department account number. You must include your department account number (if necessary), telephone number, and department name.

Cost: $3 per square foot. 3′ x 4’= $36, 36″ x 56″ = $42, 41″ x 56″= $48.

If your file is too large to send by email, you may bring your file to Marketing Graphics on a CD or jump/flash drive and fill out a job form there, Weld, Lower Level, Room 6.