Project management: A pathway to managing your future

MSUM is proud to announce a new degree being launched in Spring 2014: Bachelor of Science in Project Management. Through a collaborative effort between the Operation/Construction Management departments and College of Business and Innovation, the first B.S. program for Project Management in the tri-state area will be offered here at MSUM. By being designed around pairing with a minor or double major in an area of the student’s choosing, Project Management fits perfectly with programs such as Business Administration, Computer Science, Computer Information Technology, Marketing, Management, Human Resources and more.

Designed for individuals seeking careers in a variety of areas, Project Management provides students the opportunity to learn and develop skills useful in fields such as health care, information technology, manufacturing, retail, government and non-profit. This program equips students with the ability to construct innovative solutions for project-based work that are efficient, and within the logistical constraints of a modern organization. With more than just managerial finesse, Project Managers offer creative problem solving strategies, redefining what it means to have a competitive edge.

If you’re a student and would like to know if this major is right for you, or a member of the faculty that would like to learn more about pairing Project Management with a major or minor in your field, please contact Pam McGee by emailing her at, or calling her office at 218.477.2466 before the program launches in Spring 2014.