Volunteer for Salvation Army bell ringing

Below is a message from a fellow student with an opportunity to volunteer this holiday season. Remember to track your volunteer hours at www.mnstate.edu/osa-volunteer-hours to help reach MSUM’s goal of 125,000 service hours.

“Hello, Fellow Dragons! I am an MSUM graduate and currently the Volunteer & Public Relations Manager at The Salvation Army. We are in need of volunteers to “ring the bells” during this holiday season. The Salvation Army’s Kettle Campaign runs from Nov. 20-Dec. 24 and accounts for about 2/3 of our annual budget. The funds raised during this time go to fund various programs, which include: our feeding program, emergency assistance for families and individuals, summer outreach meals for children and our emergency disaster services team.

There are over 30 kettle locations all over the FM area that we need volunteers to staff from 10am-8pm, Monday through Saturday. The days are broken up into 2.5 hour shifts. Some of these sites are inside and some are outside. If you are able to cover an outside location, that would be very helpful! If you are in need of last minute volunteer hours, this is a great opportunity to get those in.

Our biggest need for volunteers is Nov. 25-30. Since these dates are just around the corner, it is important to get them filled, however, we are happy to schedule you whenever you are available.

To sign up for bell ringing, take a moment to look at all the locations and think about where you would like to ring, find a friend who will ring with you (it makes it fun!) and call either 701-356-2691 or you can email me at kimberly_wagner@usc.salvationarmy.org.

Please like and share our page at www.facebook.com/fargosalvationarmy.”

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