Ruth Lumb and Vinod Lall, School of Business recently had a paper titled “A Comparison of Perceived Product Quality Between Bulgarian and Chinese Respondents” published in the Journal of Innovative Marketing (Volume 9, Issue 1, 2013).

Abstract: Globalization has reduced trade barriers between countries. One implication of the globalization process is that consumers, who used to be exposed to a limited number of imported products, may now choose not only from products manufactured within their home country but also from a number of alternative products that are not manufactured domestically or had previously not been sold in the domestic market. As a result of globalization, Bulgaria and China are two countries that are expanding trade and investment between the two countries.

The current research reports the perception of the quality of products made in Bulgaria by respondents from Bulgaria as well as respondents from China and the perception of the quality of products made in China by respondents from Bulgaria and by respondents from China. The findings have strategic implications for marketing managers from Bulgaria, as well as marketing managers from China.