Starting tomorrow freshmen and sophomores will have the opportunity to fill out a survey to assess their preparedness for college life through an online program known as MAP-Works.

MAP-Works is dedicated to improving retention, student success, and the quality of the college student experience. MAP-Works retention effectiveness is grounded in theory, research and statistical methods. MAP-Works empowers faculty and staff to positively impact student success and retention by identifying at-risk students early in the term based on their answers to the questions. 

MAP-Works Empowers Campus Professionals To:

  • Quickly identify and reach out to at-risk students early in the term to have the greatest impact on retention and student success
  • Coordinate efforts with other faculty/staff who have a direct-connect relation­ship with their students through alerts and notes
  • Prepare for student meetings in advance, so they can spend time helping students rather than diagnosing problems
  • Quantify efforts and outcomes
  • Benchmark against other institutions

MAP-Works Retention Process:

  1. Identify– Retention is driven by systematic, early and comprehensive identification of student issues. MAP-Works utilizes a 22-year-old heuristic algorithm to identify students at risk. MAP-Works incorporates prominent student development and learning theories and integrates both profile and student experience data to ensure accurate identification of at-risk students.
  2. Inform– Through the MAP-Works interface, student assessment results are instantly available to faculty and staff to identify their at-risk students. They are provided with the right information to focus on the critical issues for each individual student.
  3. Motivate– MAP-Works provides the motivation that faculty and staff need to effectively invest their limited time and resources into helping the right students. Information is easily extracted from dash-boards and talking points. More effective student meetings will take place because faculty and staff will understand real student issues.
  4. Coordinate– MAP-Works allows for easy communica­tion among the faculty and staff who share a role in helping specific students and student populations.
  5. Intervene– Interventions will occur with more control and direction based on the data MAP-Works provides.
  6. Manage– MAP-Works provides a robust management tool that measures impact, ensures accountability and ultimately measures improvements in student success and retention.