The graduate program in School Psych program recently was approved for a university sponsored iPad technology initiative. All on-campus School Psychology graduate students will be issued iPads this fall at no cost to the students. The iPads will be integrated into day-to-day course instruction, as well being used by the graduate students in assessment labs, in practicum settings, and for research projects. The iPads will allow the MSUM graduate students to be trained on the increasingly sophisticated assessment and data collection applications that they will be expected to be using when working in public schools.

Additionally, familiarity with some of the iPad instructional applications being used in K-12 settings will help graduates of the MSUM program to be more effective as instructional and behavioral consultants in public schools.

Finally, the student’s use of this technology for their own classes and research projects will provide a perspective on the advantages and disadvantages of this type of technology-enhanced instruction. Evaluation of their experiences will assist the university in deciding how best to make use of this type of device on a broader basis.

Note: the Music Industry program is also participating in an iPad initiative.