Ansan Art Center in South Korea to feature work by Kyja Kristjansson-Nelson

The Ansan Art Center in Seoul, South Korea, will feature new work by Kyja Kristjansson-Nelson, MSUM Cinema Arts & Digital Technologies.

The experimental short titled “soul/soul” is a collaboration between K-Nelson (animator and editor), Young Sun Lee (dancer, choreographer, videographer, editor), and Evelyn Ficarra (sound designer and composer). K-Nelson, Lee, and Ficarra met when they were Resident Artist Fellows at Djerassi. Since then the three women formed the 1lb. Chocolate Arts Collective, with the mission to engage in international interdisciplinary arts collaboration.

The 2013 Open Space Project at the Ansan Arts Center in Seoul will showcase a contemporary, solo dance collection by Lee called Homemade & Organic. The program will include live dance performance, music and sound scores, and the experimental video installation, “soul/soul.”