Name: Shireen Alemadi
Profession: Instructor of biosciences
Number of years at MSUM: 7

Q: If you could listen to any type of music right now, what would you choose?
A: I was just listening to Irish music. I listen to pretty much everything, but if I had to pick one, I would probably pick Irish music – Scottish music, as well. I just love the tones in the music, and I really enjoy the bagpipes. I go to the Irish fair every year in Minneapolis and listen to Irish music, and I’ve gone to some concerts when they come to town. I have no Irish heritage at all, but I love it.

Q: What is your heritage?
A: My mom is from the middle of North Dakota. My dad is Kurdish – he’s from Iraq – so I’m half Kurdish and half German (Germans from Russia). Growing up, there was always German and Kurdish food and a little American mixed in. I learned a lot about Middle Eastern cultures and how their cultural norms are different than a lot of the American norms, but my dad has been a citizen since the 1970s.

Q: What is one of your favorite TV shows?
A: “Duck Dynasty,” currently. I love it! I know it’s a reality show, so it’s probably somewhat scripted, even though they say it’s not, but I love the humor they have. There are a lot of cultural and historical references that some people might not get, but they make them really funny.