Fall Semester Reminders

Welcome to the 2013 Fall Semester! Before classes begin on August 26, please take a look at the following reminders:

As you return to classes for the fall 2013 semester, please check your schedule on e-services frequently. It is possible that changes have been made to your classes, so be aware of the time and where your classes are meeting. Changes to the location of your classes can occur after classes have started, so you should continue to check your schedule during the first week of classes. Students are responsible for all deadlines and registration activity.

Drop/Add Deadline: The deadline for dropping and adding courses is August 30, 2013, at 4 p.m. No entry will be made in a student’s record if a course is dropped before this date.

Class Permissions: After the August 30th deadline, a student can no longer add courses via the web. A department issued “registration permit” will be required to add any courses and must be processed in the Records Office. The permit must be signed by the student and the instructor teaching the course.

Withdrawal Deadline: You may to continue to drop classes after August 30, but you will receive a “W” on your academic record. Withdrawal deadlines vary for half term and full term sessions. Please check your student schedule in e-services for specific withdrawal deadlines for each course.

Waitlists: Waitlists for the 2013 fall semester courses will end on August 30, 2013. Waitlists are lists of students waiting to get registered for a course that is full. If you are on a waitlist for a course, make sure to watch for a notification sent to your mnstate.edu email account. The student will have 24 hours after being notified to go to e-services and register for the course.

If you have questions please visit the Records Webpage or contact the Records Office at 218.477.2565. The Records Office is located in Owens Hall 104. Have a great start to the semester!