It’s here! We’re excited to unveil our newly redesigned and updated webpage courtesy of all the hard-working IT folks at MSUM (special thanks to Amanda for everything!). We’ve cleaned up our act a little, so to speak, and made our website easy to navigate.

With six main pages, you know right where to click to find the information you seek. If you’re looking for information about food–click on “Eat & Drink.” Pretty simple, right? We also incorporated a calendar of many of the events happening not only in the CMU, but also plenty of events from around campus–don’t miss out on everything that’s happening at MSUM!

One more feature we love is the opportunity to make reserving space in the CMU even easier than before with new online planning and reservation tools. Just go to the “Reserve & Plan page,” you’ll see what we mean.

CMU Website Image
The revamped website fits in perfectly with the rest of the MSUM website.